Q: Why are there both Diesel Extender and Gas Extender, can't we just use one product that treats both diesel and gasoline, like other products we have seen?

A: To effectively treat the problems which are associated with today's gasoline, and the problems associated with today's diesel fuels, you have to address each problem separately with different products that target each fuel grade, to maximize your performance.

Q: Will Extend-It fuel additives harm my engine, along with any sensors in the fuel system, fuel lines or other fuel components?

A: No, when you use the products as directed, Extend-It fuel additives will not harm any sensors, fuel lines or rubber hoses. But instead they will clean and continual use will keep your entire fuel system clean, along with keeping fuel lines and rubber hoses conditioned.

Q: Can Diesel Extender be used in both On-Road and Off-Road diesel fuels?

A: Yes you can, it is compatible with all diesel fuels.

Q: Can I use more diesel or gasoline treatment than what is recommended on the label?

A: All Extend-It fuel additives are individually labeled with the proper treatment ratios, that we ask you to follow, to ensure peak performance.

Q: How often should I use Extend-It fuel additives?

A: As often as every fill-up. We do recommend that our customers treat their fuel systems regularly, to ensure peak fuel performance and savings at the pump. Our proper treatment recommendations are based on testing that has been conducted on various engines and vehicle types. Please keep in mind that results in each vehicle may vary.

Q: I treat my car with the Gas Extender. Can I also use it in my gasoline powered yard equipment?

A: Absolutely! It works great in smaller engines, as well as larger. And when treated you do not have to worry about your seasonal yard equipment having cranking issues that today's fuel quality has created.
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