Here at Extend-It Lubricants, we believe in keeping things simple for the end user. We have created our company with over 20 years of experience in dealing with fuel systems and the complaints of fuel issues. Unfortunately over the last few years fuel issues have been getting worse, especially with the Ethanol & Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel issues. We have created products that take the guess work out, of which fuel treatment to use. At one time or another we have been in a store browsing at the shelf debating which product is capable of treating the problem we are having with our fuel system. In which case we determine that we usually need multiple products to solve our problem, this is not only confusing but in most cases very costly. With our products remembering to follow proper treatment measurements for Diesel Extender plus Algae Treatment and Gas Extender plus Ethanol Treatment, is the only thing you need to do. Then let our product take care of the rest. You can feel confident knowing that your gasoline or diesel system has been treated with our products, and by doing so, you have protected your fuel system from today's harmful fuel problems and extended the life of your engine. In most applications, we decreased fuel consumption and increased fuel performance, while saving you money at the fuel pumps.

Our goal is for customers to treat their fuel system regularly with our products to obtain peak fuel performance and savings. You will no longer be confused when deciding which product to use, just simply Extend-It with one of our fuel treatments. Our products are not formulated on yesterday's fuel issues, but on today’s current fuel issues. Our customers can tell you; in most applications our products more than pay for their self in fuel savings alone, usually within the first couple treatments.

We hope future customers enjoy using our products as much as our current customers already do.  Thank you for your continued use of our products…The Extend-It Team


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